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Every smile has a story. Respecting each one of them, AS Odontologia is committed to restoring your security of smiling, tracing the path that is necessary!  

Personalized care, cozy environment,  first-rate equipment and extreme care with biosecurity.

Discover the treatments preferred by AS patients:

Senhora de sorriso


An Overview of Aesthetic Dental Treatment

It is an area of dentistry that has been growing a lot in recent years, with the discovery of new materials and forms of treatments. Aesthetic dentistry emphasizes improving the smile through changes in the appearance and shape of teeth. Many people who opted for cosmetic treatments  they felt more secure in their appearance by achieving a beautiful smile. With this, there is an improvement in self-esteem and all of this contributes to a fuller and happier life!

In our office, we carry out a digital planning customized to the functional and aesthetic needs of each patient. Your wishes, old and current photos are taken into account.  In the end, we build a test prosthesis (Mock-Up) so that you can evaluate your future prosthesis. This provides “predictability”, ie the result is what you rated, gave your opinion and chose, no surprises!

We work with other procedures in this vast area, but these are the most popular treatments:

- Aesthetic Restorations: replace  chipped, darkened and stained parts. With the use of  resins, made up of different colors and layers, we achieve a natural and admirable result.

- Ultra-Thin Veneers or Contact Lenses: They are thin blades  pottery  which, when glued to the tooth, restore it to its original shape. The big difference is that lenses can be made without any preparation  on the tooth (wear), step  required  for the application of  conventional facets.

- Tooth Whitening: is the most commonly recommended and practiced cosmetic dental procedure for removing stains from teeth. This procedure can be performed in the office or at home (self-applicable) using a personalized mold, carried out on the first appointment. An association of these two techniques may be necessary for the best result.

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